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Bonstar LLC provides services and support to individuals with intellectual disabilities, recognizing and embracing their unique challenges and experiences. We employ a person-centered approach to deliver consistent and integrated care, continually expanding our program services. Our commitment prioritizes the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of those we serve, nurturing their genuine human development based on personal aspirations and choices identified in their PCT and ISP profiles.

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Individualized Day Supports

Crafting meaningful experiences tailored to each person's unique strengths and interests

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Supported Living

Fostering independence and self-reliance within the comfort of one's own home

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Behavior Supports

Collaboratively creating personalized strategies to promote self-regulation and well-being

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In-Home Supports

Delivering compassionate care and assistance tailored to each individual's needs in a familiar setting

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Wellness Services

Empowering individuals to take control of their well-being through customized plans and support

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Building nurturing relationships that inspire growth, independence, and happiness

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Host Home

Providing a family-like setting that nurtures belonging and personal development

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Day Habilitation

Supporting skill development, relationships, and community engagement for a fulfilling life

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Residential Services

Creating safe, comfortable living spaces that foster independence and high quality of life

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Fitness Training

Customizing plans to encourage active lifestyles and improved overall well-being

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Family Training

Equipping families with the tools and resources needed to support their loved one's journey

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Skilled Nursing

Ensuring comfort and optimal health outcomes through personalized, professional care

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Hourly Respite

Providing essential relief for families, allowing them to recharge while their loved ones receive quality care

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Daily Respite

Offering families a well-deserved break with the confidence that their loved ones are in good hands