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Bonstar LLC seeks to work with persons who meet the highest standards of character and ensure the safety, welfare, and protection of beneficiaries and who meet the requirements, as mentioned in the new regulations.

High School Diploma/GED: A minimum of a High School or GED will be required of all applicants seeking employment as direct care staff for all other positions. Minimum qualifications and years of experience are laid out in the Job Descriptions.

Background Checks: All administrators, supervisory staff, and direct care staff (including medication administration technicians and substitute staff) will be subjected to a criminal background check per DDS policy and with DC Regulation chapter 47 before working with people.

Verification of Employment History: To ensure that applicants for employment are appropriate for the positions offered by the company, Bonstar Services’ Human Resources specialist will verify the references and previous employment history of each applicant.

Application Process: The application, screening, interview, and selection process will be conducted by a specialist in human resources with sufficient experience in recruiting staff suitable and appropriate for persons with intellectual disabilities.

Other criteria in staff selection will include making certain that candidates either possess the following qualities or demonstrate the capacity to develop these: amiable personalities, patience, caring, educators, advocates, good communicators, creativity, etc.

Direct Support Staff Requirements

  • Criminal Background check covering the jurisdictions the applicant lived AND worked for 7 years prior to applying, and which evidences a clean criminal background in compliance with Bonstar LLC policy
  • Evidence that they are 18 years of age or older.
  • Evidence they can read and write the English language.
  • Evidence that Bonstar LLC has offered the employee vaccination against Hepatitis B (upon hire) or that the employee has declined to participate.
  • Evidence of High School Diploma or GED.
  • Evidence they are free from communicable disease as evidenced by a PPD test.
  • Phase I, II, III, IV Training Completion Records
  • Physical records of the employee’
  • Lastly, DSPs must demonstrate that they are free of illegal drug use and addiction. All employees are required to sign a ‘Consent to Drug Screening’ form at the discretion of the supervisors as well as pass the 10-panel drug screening test.

Bonstar Services hires, builds, molds, and continually trains a team of able and dependable staff who are essential in the direct provision of services and support to people with intellectual disabilities.