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At Bonstar LLC, we pride ourselves on being a devoted and empathetic agency that concentrates on uplifting and empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities residing in the District of Columbia. Our steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional professional services, in accordance with the Home & Community Based Waiver Services (HCBWS) regulations and guidelines, sets us apart in our field. Our paramount objective is to assist our beneficiaries in reaching their fullest potential, enabling them to live enriched lives as valuable and active participants within their communities.

woman showing something to teen in wheelchair


Bonstar LLC’s mission is to provide the beneficiaries of Home & Community Based Waiver Services (HCBWS) living in the District of Columbia with quality professional services, as outlined in the Home and Community Based Waiver regulations and guidelines so that these beneficiaries can function to their highest potential and thrive in their communities.

young teenage girl and her mother looking and surprised at something on sofa


Bonstar LLC strives to create life-transforming experiences through inclusive services that enable individuals living with intellectual disabilities to feel cared for, loved, and supported as vital members of their communities.